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    FlexiDB are sponsoring WPCampus. If you are attending please visit us.

    FlexiDB is free for academic use. It’s a fantastic tool for teaching students, and is incredibly versatile. It can be used for introductory courses through to final year projects. The level of complexity depends on the goals set.

    FlexiDB provides tools for creating database, managing user subscriptions and roles, and creating front-ends either in WordPress or on mobile devices.


    At the centere of FlexiDB is ER Tool. It enables users to visually create their ER diagram. As a design is drawn the corresponding tables, fields, and link tables are created in the underlying database (MySQL or variants like MariaDB).

    FlexiDB also has drag-n-drop tools for creating queries and forms. The query editor can handle joins, aggregates and similar features, while the form editor can include link fields to other tables.


    The REST API controls access to the database. It knows which users have subscribed to which database, and which role each subscription has. Accordingly it controls CRUD functionality. The REST API can be called directly from http, or via wrapper libraries – currently, PHP, JavaScript and C#.


    The FlexiDB plugin for WordPress uses the PHP wrapper lib. The plugin has a visual menu with data widgets. These widgets can be dragged directly on to a page. The data widget architecture is open, so new ones can be written or added. Standard widgets include query table, form, charts, Google Maps and image slider.

    The combination of FlexiDB and WordPress means it’s possible to create DaaS functionality in minutes.

    The plugin also works with WordPress multisite. FlexiDB has a feature called data sets – a logical ID that separates a database for different subscriptions. With WordPress multisite it’s possible to link a data set to a sub-site. For example, a restaurant DaaS could have separate sub-sites each linked to their own data set. A user could subscribe as a manager to their own sub-site / data set, but as a client to others.


    FlexiDB has a CMS-style app editor. Data widgets can be dragged onto pages and configured with different queries or forms.

    The app editor produces Adobe PhoneGap code, which can be used in 2 different ways.

    1. The first is to download the PhoneGap code as a .zip file and then build it with a service like http://build.phonegap.com.

    2. The alternative is the FlexiLogin app. This is a generic app. It’s a bit like an e-reader, except that instead of reading books it accesses databases.

  • Advanced Tasks

    FlexiDB has an open-plugin architecture. This means there are no limits. Extra features or services can be developed as required. As an example we have created a Twilio plugin and a 3D object parameterization and visualization tool.


    There are various FlexiDB tools specifically for education.

    • TUTORIAL PLUGIN – create tutorials that guide students through the process of FlexiDB. There is a similar plugin for WordPress which we will be releasing before WPCampus.
    • WORDPRESS PLUGIN FOR TRAINING – enables network admin to pre-configure WordPress template sites and FlexiDB schemas
    • FLEXISERVER – Coming soon – further details and beta version will be released at WordCamp Europe

    If you work in academia and want to know more about FlexiDB please fill in the form below.