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    Welcome to the FlexiDB blog.  Read all the latest news about FlexiDB, the software, demo sites, exhibitions et cetera.

  • Predictions: The hottest tech of 2017

    21st December at 12:05pm BST

    There’s no doubt about it, 2016 has been a big year for tech. But what makes the global tech industry so interesting is that it shows no sign of slowing. 2017 is here, and we’re pretty sure that we’re in for a year of exciting launches, slick new devices and powerful software enhancements. But which […]

    Our time at WCUS

    8th December at 9:08am BST

    Recently we joined 1800+ other members of the WordPress community at Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia for the return of the annual WordCamp US Conference. It was an incredible show. We spent our time attending expert talks on getting the most out of WordPress, meeting new connections (and catching up with old friends!), and sharing […]

    How to create layers of protection for cyber security

    8th December at 9:06am BST

    Security precautions are more important than ever, so how can you protect yourself from threats? One of the major threats of the modern world is cyber crime. Following World Computer Security Day on November 30, we decided to take a closer look at how you can keep your website secure. Technological advancements are moving the […]

    What we love about Slack

    8th December at 9:01am BST

    If you work in tech, you’ve probably heard of Slack by now. Slack’s instant group messaging creates a collaborative environment with a transformative live element that enhances team communication. Messages are sent instantaneously, so you can get team input immediately. The narrative is chronological and the message history is all in one thread, making it […]

    We’ll be at WordCamp US December 2-4

    18th November at 2:11pm BST

    We’re attending #WCUS! We’ll be in Philadelphia at the start of December to attend the annual WordCamp US conference. Joining 1500+ delegates at Pennsylvania Convention Center, we’ll be connecting with other WordPress enthusiasts who want to learn how to get the most out of WordPress. The schedule comprises 52 different sessions featuring a range of […]

    Calling all Slack users: We need you!

    18th November at 2:10pm BST

    We’ve released a Beta version of FlexiDBot, the productivity tool for Slack. There are so many reasons to love Slack. For us, the best thing about Slack is that we can integrate it with other apps so easily. We couldn’t resist trying it out for ourselves, so we’ve developed FlexiDBot. Be the first to test […]

    The secret behind a motivated development team

    18th November at 2:10pm BST

    “You can run a company with just four questions.” That’s the philosophy of Peter Turner, one of the directors at FlexiDB, who believes that four specific questions can have a huge impact on a team’s performance. For all teams, the two most important questions are: 1) What are you working on? 2) Why does it […]

    Getting connected with the REST API

    18th November at 2:10pm BST

    Building web services is part art, part science. To make your life easier, we’ve created a tool to speed things up. FlexiDB is a database backend that connects to WordPress, mobile apps, and Slack. FlexiDB has a full REST API. This means that developers can use it to get data from or put data into […]

    The tech we can’t live without

    7th November at 9:51am BST

    We’re approaching the end of 2016, and the last couple of months have seen product launches from some of the biggest tech brands in the world. Apple’s iMacs and MacBooks are battling to stay ahead, following Microsoft’s newly released Surface Studio and Surface Book. In terms of mobile devices, we’ve witnessed the tragedy of the […]

    Does innovation still exist?

    7th November at 9:50am BST

    Over recent months, we’ve seen fierce competition between some of our favorite IT superpowers, with Microsoft launching its new Surface just one day before Apple’s ‘hello again’ event to showcase the latest Macbook Pro. During this race to produce the leading hardware, new technology that launches often appears irresistible. However, when we take a step […]