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    Welcome to the FlexiDB blog.  Read all the latest news about FlexiDB, the software, demo sites, exhibitions et cetera.

  • 10 things you can learn from a developer

    21st October at 4:18pm BST

    We think that life as a developer can be pretty sweet. And there are some awesome qualities and working styles that are ingrained within the world of web development that any industry could benefit from. 1) Problem-solving If you could read the code of a web developer’s mind, I bet you’d see they are programmed […]

    How to start building your database with FlexiDB

    21st October at 4:18pm BST

    If you’re ready to start building your first custom database, the first step is to enrol to FlexiDB School. It’s a totally free way to learn the ropes. FlexiDB School gives you a taste for using FlexiDB whilst training you to use the system at no cost whatsoever. We’ll create a FlexiDB server and a […]

    Invent the future faster

    7th October at 2:20pm BST

    WordPress development with stress-free data integration Adding a post or a page to WordPress is easy, and this simplicity is a big part of what makes WordPress such a widely loved CMS. But have you ever tried to add custom database functionality to your WordPress website? Not so easy. The FlexiDB team love a challenge, […]

    The New York workshop

    7th October at 12:00pm BST

    We recently held our first workshop in New York City We booked out the 8th Floor of WeWork Bryant Park so we could take a small and focused group of WordPress developers and business owners from the New York area through using FlexiDB. WeWork is a collaborative workspace, so it works well for the WordPress […]

    Our time in Phoenix

    7th October at 11:51am BST

    We sponsored this year’s WordCamp Phoenix and it was one awesome show. Visiting the Valley of the Sun could not have been less of a chore. Welcomed by the friendly team at WCPHX and some beautiful sunshine, we spent the weekend listening to insightful talks and hanging out with people who are passionate about all-things […]

    Why does everyone love Slack?

    23rd September at 10:07am BST

    There are so many reasons to love Slack. For us, the best thing about Slack is that we can integrate it with other apps so easily. Slack has even set up the Slack Fund to encourage developers to create new apps and bots that enhance connectivity and automation, enabling simpler and more productive workplaces. We […]

    9 Simple WordPress Hacks

    22nd September at 3:32pm BST

    Enhance your WordPress website with these simple and easy tricks 1. Find the functionality Plugins: Extend WordPress functionality by adding plugins to your site. Wondering how to choose? The WordPress plugin directory is a good place to start, although browsing can be a little difficult because the list is so vast. We recommend figuring out […]

    How to make editing apps as easy as using a CMS

    22nd September at 2:43pm BST

    Introducing the game-changer for database apps Companies often face financial and technical challenges to compete in the app marketplace, but this is changing. Using the new tools available you could create your own app quickly, easily, and without breaking the bank. We’re in the digital age and the world has gone mobile, but whilst enjoying […]

    We’ll be at WordCamp Phoenix October 1-2

    16th September at 1:48pm BST

    We’re sponsoring! That’s right, we’re one of the Master Builders. You’ll find us alongside the likes of SiteLock and Sucuri …and probably at the after-party at Phoenix Public Market too. With developers, designers, entrepreneurs and students all attending, we hope to see some friendly faces, old and new. As WCPHX puts it: “WordCamp PHX is […]

    One-to-many uses for data-modeling: Introducing the ER tool

    16th September at 12:28pm BST

    Data-modeling might sound complex, but using an ER tool makes it easy to organize data and show how entities relate to each other. For FlexiDB, the ER Tool enables users to graphically create a database without writing any code. It follows standard methodology for data modeling. So, what’s the difference? Unlike traditional data modeling tools, […]